About Us

Who We Are

We are Alt Ventures, Canada’s leading pre-seed venture capital firm, committed to empowering visionary entrepreneurs. Specializing in early-stage investments, we bring a unique mix of capital, strategic guidance, and deep industry expertise to the table. Our focus lies in fostering sustainable business models and financial inclusion, driving innovation across the Canadian entrepreneurial landscape. Through our collaborative approach, we not only fund startups but also nurture their growth, building strong, lasting partnerships. At Alt Ventures, we’re dedicated to transforming ambitious ideas into market-leading realities.
Our Focus
Our focus is on empowering trailblazing Canadian entrepreneurs from the very start, helping them evolve as they escalate their businesses.
Our Philosophy
Success in Canadian entrepreneurship hinges on collaboration and forging strong connections.

Alt Ventures
Tailored to Support Canadian Entrepreneurs

Capital Investment

Providing essential funding to startups, especially in their pre-seed and seed stages, to fuel their initial growth and development.

Strategic Guidance

Offering expert advice on business strategy, market positioning, and long-term planning to ensure sustainable growth and success.

Networking Opportunities

Facilitating connections with industry leaders, potential partners, and other startups to foster a collaborative environments.

Market Access and Expansion Support

Assisting startups in navigating and expanding into new markets, both within Canada and internationally.

Technology and Innovation Support

Providing access to the latest technological resources and innovation strategies to keep startups at the forefront of their industries.

Operational Support

Offering assistance in areas like HR, legal, and finance, helping startups streamline their operations for efficiency.